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Validating null value in pl sql

Adding an element that is not defined in the xsd (element newelement) will fail schema validation resulting in an exception being raised '); XMLTYPE.schema Validate(l_xml); END; / DECLARE * ERROR at line 1: ORA-30937: No schema definition for 'newelement' (namespace '##local') in parent '/userdetails' ORA-06512: at "SYS.

This is because Oracle has now changed its rules so that empty strings behave as null values.

The code below transforms xml with uppercase attribute names to xml with lower case attribute names using the xml method transform.

If the initial value of a property is null, there seems to be no way to reject the null value in the setter because the validation code in On Name Changing(value) is not even executed.

we need to add a reference to the xsd we registered earlier and called xsd1

To the outer node add the reference xsi:no Namespace Schema Location="xsd1.xsd" xmlns:xsi=" The successful execution of the pl/sql indicates the xml was valid.

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If a field in a table is optional, it is possible to insert a new record or update a record without adding a value to this field. Note: It is very important to understand that a NULL value is different from a zero value or a field that contains spaces.

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