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Briana evigan dating

challenges societal norms and showcases a world where homosexuality is accepted and heterosexuality is bullied.

In our exclusive celebrity interview, the energetic and charming actor talks about his new film, the #Oscars So White controversy, and his best relationship advice.

is a tale of star-crossed lovers, Ryan and Jude, who fall in love in a world where being gay is the norm and being straight, like they are, is looked down upon.

“I didn’t want to play a stereotype or archetype of a bully,” he explains.In our interview recently, Guzman and Evigan suggested some cool new haunts — maybe Japan, for instance — but how about Antarctica and Greenland, too? Kidding aside, the dancing duo talked about their core expertise, and the terrible trends that sometimes come out of it.“Stop ' Gangnam Style' now,” Guzman pleaded, as he and his co-star said they've had to learn and then perform the horsey side-dance over and over again.“I wanted to play it truthfully and figure out why somebody would have these hateful feelings for another person.” Related Link: Celebrity Interview: ‘Newlyweds: The First Year’ Stars Talk Love & Celebrity Relationship Struggles But it wasn’t entirely imagination that helped the actor prepare for his role.“I certainly, like most people, have had situations in my life where I was excluded,” he shares.

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He has been a phenomenal actor and his success has reached greatest heights. He was born in a place called Red Wing, which lies in Minnesota of United States of America.

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