Xcode splash screen not updating

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Xcode splash screen not updating

If you choose to use legacy launch images, you will use the following syntax in attribute can be anything you want; the filenames are used because they match what will be used when your project is compiled.The width and height attributes determine which launch images are displayed on which devices as follows: attributes.When you hit Select File you will actually be taken to the icons folder within the ios platform that contains the default Phoen Gap icons.You could also click Show in Finder to get there quickly and check out the required sizes.For native app developers, the ideal launch storyboard is an unpopulated version of the app's user interface at launch.For non-native app developers who don't wish to learn Interface Builder, however, this plugin simulates the legacy launch image method as much as is feasible.

Note that if you want to properly support the larger i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus screen sizes in fullscreen mode without scaling you must supply the appropriate launch images either as static images of dimensions as listed above or with a storyboard launch screen file.

i OS 8 was a re-architecture, decoupling actions from apps and letting them extend into other interfaces and continue across devices.

i OS 9 was a rewiring, setting up intelligence and proactivity, but in a way that respected privacy and security.

I've updated the review below to reflect the major changes.

i OS 7 was a redesign, wiping away rich textures and putting physics-based interactions in their place.

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Note: Extended splashscreen does not require the plugin on Windows (as opposed to Android and i OS) in case you don't use the plugin API, i.e. There are two mechanisms for displaying a launch screen on i OS: Apple is moving away from legacy launch images.

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