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Update 5.2: The War for Iokath will bring much-needed group content to the game, including master mode uprisings and an operation to take on a deadly superweapon.All players will get to travel to Iokath, where they will get to go through a new storyline with a choice of factions.Additionally when creating a backup, you may want to save your previously stored raiding data (i.e.statistics from other members) located in separate XML files (one per each combat log) in the directory (see above).Bio Ware said that it is working on getting players geared up faster in the near future.You can give the livestream a watch after the break.I do realize for those of us who play on multiple servers, we'll need to buy it and transfer a toon (which is cheaper than the cost of the perk) - it's how I personally handle keeping my Legacy current on all servers.

Whether you’re playing alongside friends or ruling the galaxy solo, the time has come to DEFEND THE THRONE!

Although it is technically possible to launch the Client directly (bypassing the Launcher), it would mean the self-updating process is skipped as well, leaving the Client eventually outdated - therefore please always use the Launcher to run Star Parse.

Star Parse/ ├── Star // the main executable to run Star Parse ├── runtime/ // Java runtime └── app/ ├── (...) // Star Parse Launcher files └── client/app/ ├── stats/ // stored raiding data ├── (...) // Star Parse Client files ├── // main configuration ├── // Timers configuration ├── // learned Attack types └── // Star Parse log for troubleshooting The configuration files are simple XML documents and tech-savvy users can manipulate them directly, but be advised incorrect settings may render the application unusable.

Since we know this conversation is important to you, I am remaking this as the centralized thread for that discussion. We shouldn't have to pay for something they need to fix so we can use our alts. 😡You'll be able to buy a full set of gear for your alts, including set bonus, weapons, ear piece, relics, and implants with Command Tokens in a couple weeks.

Although we don't have anything to discuss right now on this topic, we want to continue to get your feedback and thoughts on it. They broke it with this gearing system and if they now want us to pay for the pleasure of playing our alts? This doesn't fix everything about gearing (we'll discuss that in the coming weeks), but consider when we used to all earn crystals just to buy high endurance gear with no set bonuses.

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There have been a number of issues reported experiencing Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) crash on Vista and Windows 7 related to dxgmms1and files.