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Here’s what I do know (although I’d love to have confirmation or any more info).Smith Transport was started in Montreal in the 1920s by the original patriarch Sam who had a scrap metal business.Unfortunately, a technical issue did delay and slightly impede the opening, and perhaps caused or exacerbated some opening night jitters, which seemed to stick around only briefly. Taylor used the technical problem as another quick one-liner with a few references back thereto.It takes a pro to work around a technical mishap and not fall apart. Taylor got going with her material, she was truly entertaining.She presented humourous scenarios and characters to explain the plights of some Trans* women, while doing so in a relatable manner for me, as a Trans* woman.The cisgender male seated next to me nearly spit his beer into the back of a woman’s head, while I actually doubled over laughing, the bartender led a round of applause and a drag queen friend behind me called out a series of “Amens”.Som Arts Cultural Center 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA Jeremy writes, “In street art world, being queer isn’t okay.The scene is dominated by misogynistic and homophobic heterosexual men.

In 2010 Adrian Shane worked with London photographer Robbie Sweeny and photoshop creating an image called “Kiss”, it’s very bold, very queer, and instantly recognized as an Adrian Shane piece,pasted throughout Dublin City Centre.Another thing you should prepare for when you go to see “Tranny: A Musical Comedy” – she breaks the fourth wall a lot, which is the imaginary one between the audience and stage.She has no compunction of carrying on a quick side chat with an audience member, or directing commentary specifically to those she believes can take it.This exhibit, intended to counter the world of hegemonic street art, sheds light on the constant bullying of queer street artists and depicts the lineage of queers in street art and graffiti.” History of Queer Street Art- June 2011 Curated by Jeremy Novy List of works in the show: 1) Wall Kandi, Dublin, Ireland a) “Our Lady of Equality”, digital printed color vinyl sticker, 6×4 inches, Dublin, Ireland, 2010 Wall Kandi is a Dublin based acrylic painter and street artist working with vinyl stickers and digital photos of Wall Kandi’s paintings.The paintings are originally for queer themed exhibits through out Dublin and then are photographed and turn it into vinyl sticker’s.

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Despite being a Trans* woman reviewer, I couldn’t quite comprehend how an offensively titled “musical comedy” about one Tran* woman’s professional transitions as an entertainer was going to enlighten and brighten my day, and fill my heart with laughter and love.

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