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L'hymne national éthiopien adopté depuis 1992 s'intitule « Whedefit Gesgeshi Woude Henate Ethiopia » qui peut se traduire par « Marche vers l'avant, chère Mère Éthiopie ».

L'hymne précédent (1925-1974) était Ityopya hoy dess yibelish.

), a species of buckthorn that grows native only to Africa. Eva Crane, in her 1999 book , tells us that the ancient Greek historian Strabo (63 B. “Most of the people drink a brew of buckthorn,” he reported, “but the tyrants drink a mixture of honey and water, the honey being pressed out of some kind of flower.” According to Crane, Strabo doesn’t specifically say that the Ethiopians fermented this drink.

Excavations at Aksum, the first great civilization to emerge in what is now Ethiopia, have found accounts of the consumption of honey wine and its use in rituals. But gesho, the fermenting agent of From Eva Crane’s 1999 book, adapted from Carl Seyffert’s 1930 book, has a map showing where ancient Africans drank honey mixed with water.

Secondly, it highlights that it's how you play it that counts.

City Press's more straight, sober take on the story didn't cause half the storm the Sowetan has.

It's quite possible that the sex video had been touted around town for quite a while before it landed with City Press and the Sowetan.

In the Sowetan, you'd expect such a story to be inside the paper - just as City Press did on Sunday. the story was already old by Monday and, still, the Sowetan went to town with it the next day. For one, it reminds us when it comes to sex, South Africans are not as conservative as we sometimes think.

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This never translated into any benefit to improve the rights of women, but it had meant that women could inherit and own property, and act as advisors on important communal matters.

As late as the first part of the nineteenth century, Queen Menen, consort of Emperor Iyasu IV, had a decisive role in running the Ethiopian Empire.

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There have been several studies concerning women in Ethiopia.

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