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Weitere Infos zur Frauenkirche  " data-gallery-copyright=" Hofmann" data-gallery-alt="Die Top 20 Sehenswürdigkeiten"Das Schloss der bayerischen Herrscherfamilie, den Wittelsbachern, gehört zu den Prachtbauten dieser Dynastie.Heute ist der angeschlossene Park ein Erholungsgebiet für Anwohner und Touristen.Tear into one with your bare teeth and suddenly, you will be able to speak German. ————— Weisswurst Bavarians are so badass, they eat sausage for breakfast. There are many smart-ass remarks to be made here, but since I am a lady, I will leave them up to you. I hated this stuff as a kid, but that’s because I had only known what we have in the states – a nasty, soggy, shredded concoction that is plopped on top of hot dogs.And I don’t mean those little tiny breakfast sausages that we get here in the states. (Okay, fine, here’s one: “GERMANS DO IT WITH BIGGER SAUSAGES.”) You pair them with the aforementioned pretzel, and maybe a dab of sweet mustard. But German sauerkraut laughs at that impostor-sauerkraut’s face.I can’t say she didn’t warn me about Friedrichsbad, a renowned bath house in the spa town of Baden-Baden, but apparently there’s a part of my brain that just kind of Zens-out upon hearing words like “ancient thermal baths” and “dry brush massages,” so the “totally naked” side-note didn’t sink in.

Not about their nakedness, but because they were navigating a hazardously narrow forest path and she was concerned they might not get through.

Foley's organisation, Naked Europe, has been leading nude hiking trips in the Alps for almost 10 years."We're not afraid to challenge commonly accepted social norms," he says.

The same goes for naked rock climbing, naked bowling and, here's the latest craze, "Nacktradler".

The most beautiful and best known Bavarian lakes are Lake Chiemsee and Lake Tegernsee.

Treat yourself to relaxing summer holidays by the lake.

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Bavarian food is the guy at the gym in the tiny muscle tee who’s lifting weights so heavy, the veins in his neck and head (and other parts of the body that you didn’t even know HAD veins) start to pop out. It crumples the delicate-by-comparison culinary offerings of Spain, Italy, and France like tiny little Fiats and Peugots in its path. Every other fare will simply hide in the corner of your stomach, petrified at the sheer awesomeness of the brew that resides in there with it, and it will never get digested. I’m not talking about the ones you get at the mall or the movie theater, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. They are handed over in giant wooden baskets along with a few steins of beer and a grunt.