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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: I cannot see any owls. A: Burrowing Owls are diurnal and nocturnal, meaning they are active during the day and night.

Zo Zo Chat or Chat Zo Zo is an extraordinary place to be and chat without registration. Significant movement and physical changes prompted staff to examine April and phone the vet. Tim remains on call and a second update was provided during the evening. Tim, the veterinarian who provides care for April, was called in to give her a special examination.Q: Why is there a fence around the owls and why are they so close to the road? A: Typically burrowing Owls breed in the winter from January to March but these owls have been known to breed throughout the year and raise multiple broods.A: The fence protects the owls from disturbance and their burrow is in an irrigation swale on the school property. ABOUT BURROWING OWLS The burrowing owl is a pint-sized bird that lives in open, treeless areas.

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The Animal Adventure Park hosts official chat sessions through their You Tube channel during designated times and regularly provides latest news updates through their Facebook page. As April’s story went viral, more people began watching the live cam and chatting on You Tube.

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