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I assume the mindset is “I’d love it if a woman told me she wanted to spend some time between my legs.” Most of us females don’t find that a turn-on from a complete stranger.

A few weeks ago, I went to a cat café called The Company of Cats.

You made a connection with the match|cat and decide to go meet him/her|it in real life.

Because you’re in your little bubble and think that there’s a lot of choices for matches|cats, you don’t realize that many out there are competing for the matches|cats’ affections. Sure your heart is overflowing with love for the furry creatures but cats are quite materialistic and prefer humans with the cat swisher thingy.

I was going to write a cat café report but realized that the whole process is similar to online dating, specifically a bad sort of online dating.

Here’s why: Like online dating, the cat café’s website give you what seems to be an unlimited number of candidates|cats. So many choices.” You imagine what these people|cats are like when you spend time with them.

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Sometimes I “have an awesome profile” and other times I’m “gorgeous.” I always feel it necessary to send, at very least, a thank you.

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