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Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said: "You cannot draw a general suspicion against refugees from the indications that they were perhaps people who looked North African."Mr Jaeger's blunder comes days after he distanced himself from Cologne mayor Henriette Reker, who sparked an outcry by suggesting that women should keep unknown men "at arm's length" to avoid being assaulted. 25GB per day (99% uptime) 1 GB per day (upgradeable), only multihost with functional keep2share.

Ms Collins, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire added: “If these acts had been committed by any other social group in German society, there would be mass demonstrations, swift police action and condemnation by politicians, especially those who are inclined toward the left wing.“But as it is suspected that migrants - portrayed as harmless refugees by many who supported the mass influx of peoples over the last six months - all socialist politicians like Mr Jaeger can do is try to vilify those who speak out against these dreadful acts.“Where are the protests and the thousands queuing to help the victims from New Year’s Eve?

”“The German government were warned repeatedly that opening the floodgates to thousands of economic male migrants was not advisable and it seems to me they are now determined to try and gag those who are highlighting and discussing the consequences.“The sad thing is that because the German government has opened the floodgates and due to EU freedom of movement rules, those same people who hunted in packs for women to assault, are free to travel across the whole of the EU including the UK."It’s worries me that the same thing will soon be happening on the street of Britain.”Germany's top security official stressed that those involved must be punished regardless of where they come from.

On the one hand, Prime Minister Ahmad Nazif, Minister of Communication and Information Technology Tariq Kamil, and Minister of Education Ahmad Jamal al-Din have embarked on an ambitious program to expand Egyptians’ access to information over the Internet—with impressive results.

The government does not engage in widespread online censorship.

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