Everquest launcher stuck at updating 100 fre shag dating

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At least a poo [..] View Hi guys after closing the game and going to eat after I came to my pc and wanna play Star wars the old republic agian so I login normally as always but I got a popup that state [ Installation of the d [..] View Every time I try to go to the website by typing in it says the website is down for maintenance.

Am I able to go through the twitter link and still purchase my subscription and cartel coins, [..] View Im trying to get Revan's double-bladed lightsaber and I've been reading conflicting posts about how...

I have already flushed my dns cache and run the launcher repair utility, but still have the same problem. I don't want to have to wait until tomorrow to play cause I still have some weeklies i'm trying to finish, lol.

I just played yesterday and when I tried to get on today the play button is greyed out. but any help is appreciated ;) I picked up some decorations to reorganize my room and when I tried to place them back, they weren't there on the menu.

Any that were placed before the update are stuck where they are, I cannot pick them up.

I opened garage and wanted to move t [..] View I login , select character and load up the game, a couple seconds or minutes in i get booted out, its been doing this for the past couple of hours and pretty sure its not my connection because the eve [..] View Tested this out on the two 55 characters I have. Going to and from Strongholds, ship, fleet, and planets. Admittedly I've been out [..] View Why is it that the higher level you are the slower you gain XP?

and agreed, this should be stickied IF you don't know how to edit the CFG, try to open it and use "notepad" Bam. Reacting is their job: using speed and firepower to flex across the map as necessary.

So, I have been playing this game for about a year now with no problems with the launcher, I have a full game installation (no bitraider streaming), and everything was fine until this morning. You'd think with being a higher level your story and combat XP points would be much more than they are...Game Information Page ZAM's Ever Quest II Forum ZAM's Ever Quest II Site Epilogue: A Tale of One Writer E3: Ever Quest & Ever Quest II Progression Servers Duck Mounts Arrive in Norrath Daybreak Games: Roundtable With Smedley & Naviaux Daybreak Unveils New Site and Logo SOE has provided a FAQ on EQ2 Players and a Knowledge Base Article with complete, step-by-step instructions. While this isn't really "IE", it had so many interactions with IE that it might as well have been.In the new version, we are still using web technologies for user interface, but it is based on Web Kit.In fact, it is a branch of the same code used in Google Chrome.

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