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The country has been sharply divided between north and south, and people from the south have struggled unsuccessfully to either secede or gain a voice in the government.

In the forty years since independence (1956), three periods of parliamentary rule have alternated with three of army rule.

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They taught Sudan how to mount a female, and although there were two occasions in which he did, none resulted in a pregnancy. Have something to add to this article or suggestions?

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Our zircon data document ocean crust generation between ∼ 810 and ∼ 730 Ma ago in the Nubian segment of the ANS, and the age data compare well with ophiolite generation in Saudi Arabia.

He accurately forecasted a self-styled Christianity that reflected culture over the character of Christ in personal moral spaces and practice. Or the holy dating grail, a healthy, fulfilling combination of the two.

By the early 1980s, however, Sudan faced recession, drought, and political instability caused partly by large numbers of refugees from neighboring countries.

Opposition to Nimeri quickly mounted when he introduced a severe form of the Shari'a (Islamic law).

Between the years of 18 the Sudan was ruled primarily by Great Britain.

The present boundaries of the People's Republic of the Sudan were finalized during this period by agreements between the British and other European nations trying to establish interests in the region.

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