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I think for me, just getting used to that, you know, I am human and I have my feelings, but I try and it's baby steps." Watch what Kris had to say on the subject above, then see photos from her family outing at Kanye West's fashion show!is an American reality television personality and model. reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

After 37 in terms of people want to meet guys and see of you as slutty and tried unsuccessfully to find a suitable partner.

Jenner, along with her sister Kendall, have co-hosted numerous public events together.

Also the fact that we are largely, nowadays, not reliant on men to provide pleasure for us.

There's been some speculation that the new man on the scene could either be a new boyfriend or is Caitlyn's new bodyguard -- but the lanky athlete seems to dwarf her more diminutive companion, so we aren't sure if he'll do the protecting or need the protection!

Much has been said about Caitlyn's sexual preference since the 65-year-old came out as transgendered earlier this year. I just want to enjoy myself right now."The brunette, who has had three marriages and has six children, has maintained that she has yet to date a man.

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