Acrobat consolidating duplicate fonts

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Acrobat consolidating duplicate fonts

The easiest way to avoid multiple embeddings is to prevent it in the first place by making the PDF from a single source file and creating the PDF from that source file.I accidentally imported 90 pages when attempting to insert a single page from a second document. My Acrobat version i S--Acrobat XOkay i have a 200 pdf file and i am trying to import in to it a 2 page file. It seems like it does import it, and a message shows up on the lower right hand side "consolidating duplicate files" I don't know what that means. The result is books that print with pages of text garbled or missing entirely.The most common way for a font to become multiply embedded is by combining two or more PDFs into one larger PDF.I imagine the consolidation is a good thing but what is it and why does it delay so long?

when I move pages between acrobat files using drag and drop a "consolidate duplicate fonts" delays the transfer for 10 seconds.I notice that it places the imported files ina different location and not where i indicate. I then try to move the page through the Bookmark section. Hi, I am inserting separate pdf files into a main pdf text using adobe acrobat.When I go to add some of the separate files there is a pause of a few minutes and I get a message that says consolidating duplicate files.

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Also, some of these methods are based on documentation from Adobe and on experimentation on my own systems. Viewing a PDF or printing it on a desktop printer is no guarantee that it will properly print on Lulu's printer.

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